Irish Railway Record Society – London

Welcome to the London Area of the Irish Railway Record Society

We provide a forum in London for Members of the Society and others interested in Irish transport, particularly railways, covering all aspects of the subject – historical and contemporary, infrastructure, rolling stock and people, throughout the island.
We hold monthly meetings from October to April every year hosting illustrated talks by speakers on a wide range of Irish transport subjects.

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Our programme for the forthcoming season is attached programme 22 23

Things are returning to normal, following Lockdown and we are pleased to offer monthly meetings, our 60th-anniversary celebration (see below). However, our annual Transport Collectors’ Market will not be held in 2023, but we plan to reinstate it in March 2024.

Details are given in the programme but please note that we are recommencing live speaker meetings at our former venue, the Calthorpe Arms in central London, in November and December. Arrangements for the New Year will be announced later. The live November and December meetings will also be broadcast via Zoom for those unable to attend the Calthorpe Arms. Please be in the room by 18.55. Once the meeting starts, late entry will be a distraction for both Live and Zoom audiences.

For reports of previous meetings please go to Previous Events. This illustrates the type of programme we offer and includes a report on the LONDON AREA 60TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION on Sat 5 November 2022

Donations to the IRRS (London Area) 

Our online meetings are free of charge but we offer you the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to support the IRRS (London Area) Click here for more details

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Transport Collectors Market (TCM) organised by the IRRS (London Area)
Chiswick Town Hall, West London
Our proposed March 2023 Market has been cancelled. Our next Market will be in March 2024
For further details about the Market, please go to Transport Collectors’ Market

IRRS Manchester Area

The IRRS Manchester Area is based in central Manchester.  For further information visit the Manchester Area Website – go to :-:

 Meet our Members

The Irish Railway Record Society London Area is a hub of railway enthusiasts from all walks of life. New profiles are always being added with our members answering the same questions but providing very different answers. Visit the Meet our Members

 Events and Sales Stand

IRRS (LONDON AREA) SALES STANDS featuring digitised Irish railway drawings
Warley National Model Railway Exhibition (NEC, Birmingham)
Sat 26 Nov (09.45 – 18.00) and Sun 27 Nov (09.45 – 17.00)

Collections and Bequests

The IRRS London Area is delighted to accept collections of Irish railway material that would otherwise be disposed of. We use it for research, our archive, or find a good enthusiast home for it. Please go to 

 Irish Railway Record Society in Ireland

The IRRS London Area parent body is based in Dublin. Further details can be found on the Irish IRRS website

For links to other Irish related websites go to  Links

 Social Media

The London Area has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. To join use the following links:

The Facebook group is Irish Railway Record Society (London Area) – anyone with a Facebook profile should be able to see and join but this link should take you there –

Twitter link is @irrs_london (note it’s underscore not hyphen).

While the sites facilitate engagement between members, anyone wanting to contact the London Area directly would be best advised to e-mail us or use the “Contact Us” facility

The Irish Railway Record Society in Dublin is active on Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, Flickr To view/participate go to