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Thursday 15 November 2018
“Current and Future Fleet development on Irish Rail” by Peter Smyth (Chief Mechanical Engineer, Irish Rail)

Peter Smyth

Peter has principal responsibility for the procurement, maintenance and overhaul of all rolling stock operated by Irish Rail. He will not only cover day-to-day operations but, with continuing pressure to drive down costs, will look at many recent innovations including remote diagnostics, condition monitoring, acoustic monitoring of bearings, automatic wheel measurement and other measurement systems. He will also take a look forward to consider what form future Irish rolling stock might take, and how it might be operated and maintained.

Thursday 18th October 2018

“Valencia Harbour Branch” by Barry Carse

Tim Morton and Barry Carse

Longstanding Irish enthusiast and regular contributor to the Journal, Barry Carse, revisits the London Area with fascinating new research about the Valencia Harbour branch. Building on a recently discovered report, “Closing of Unremunerative Branch Lines” written by railwaymen rather than accountants, he will describe the branch, its history and its steam and diesel locomotives, finishing with railcar trials and GAA specials. This most westerly and scenic Irish line had a character all of its own.

A full write up of Barry’s talk is due shortly.